Since January 25th 2011 a new creative energy has been shaking the Egyptian cultural scene. In this artistic ferment, the Arab Spring, Kalam le-l-Shabab, Youth Creativity and Poetry in today's Egypt, a project developed by the Italian Cultural Institute and co-funded by the European Union, aims to support and further encourage the creation and dissemination of a less-used and published literary genre like poetry.


Kalam le-l-Shabab focuses on the power of the free word and its strength lies in the centrality of expressing the change throughout a contemporary and revitalized poetic speech. Believing in the potential of free expression and in the force of poetry, the Project supports the young creativity and gives a shape to new and fresh ideas sprung from the present process, leading to an awareness that embodies the present Egyptian spirit.

 Throughout a series of training courses devoted to local cultural operators, coming both from Alexandria and Luxor to share their cultural experiences and perceptions here in Cairo, the Project will give young poets across the country the same possibilities to strengthen their writing and stylistic skills as well as artistic confidence, in order to let them develop their imagination and creativity.

 Few workshops will allow young poets to share their literary experiences and encourage their poetic production that will be presented to the public during special readings and poetic evenings. At the end of the Project, an international poetry festival will give all the participants, who will read together with famous Egyptian and European poets, the chance to present their works and exchange their personal literary experience.

The first public event of the project, Poetry will save us, will take place on March 21st, following the Cairo International Poetry Festival that is organized with the collaboration of Kalam le-l-Shabab, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Supreme Council of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, the Cairo Opera House, the UNESCO, the Hospital 57357 and several European Embassies, on the very occasion of the UNESCO World Poetry Day.

The event aims to celebrate poetry and solidarity, through poems and music, and will be devoted to raise funds in favour of the Children Cancer Hospital 57357. The evening will be a moment of reflection on how even a less-used literary genre can help in building a new and better civil society, envisaging the moral nobility of poetry and reinforcing the revolutionary idea that also in a world dominated by confusion and need of justice, thanks to the word of poetry the hope survives and "poetry will save us".